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Routed Questionnaire Template

In the Metrisquare platform, questionnaires can be created and maintained using a template created in MS Excel. This template is imported to the platform with a few clicks, after which the test can be used. This page gives an impression of the various options.

About the template

The template is an Excel spreadsheet and has a row for each line shown during the test. The columns define the behaviour of these lines:

  • questionheader: a bold heading text
  • question: a text in normal font
  • showcondition: a statement that can either be true or false, defining whether the line must be shown.
  • answers: the labels, scales and values for given responses.
  • nanswersallowed: defines how many answers must be given on that page.
  • inputtype: defines the type of presentation of the question, as described below in further detail.
  • picturelink: a link to an image file.
  • pagegroup: all lines having the same pagegroup number will be shown on the same page. Negative numbers can be used for randomisation.
  • maxquestionsperpage: the amount of lines that can be shown on one page.

Input types

Horizontal buttons

One or more buttons are shown in a row.

Each button has an optional label, a scale and a value, separated by semicolons. In the examples shown on the right, ‘S’ has been chosen has the scale, but it can have any name of your choice.

It is also possible to include a picture, which is shown under the question.

By providing values for offset and spacing, it is possible to specify a custom position for the buttons.

inputtype: horizontalbuttons
answers: -;S;-1;-/+;S;0;+;S;1
inputtype: horizontalbuttons
picturelink: image1.png
answers: --;S;-2;-;S;-1;-/+;S;0;+;S;1;++;S;2
inputtype: horizontalbuttons_600_50
picturelink: image2.png
answers: A;S;1;B;S;2;C;S;3;D;S;4;E;S;5
Analogue scales (sliders)

Sliders can be used to allow any value between a specified minimum and maximum value. The default value can also be set, as well as the labels shown on both sides.

inputtype: analoguescale
answers: --;S;0;;S;50;++;S;100
Ipsative questions (least - most)

From multiple statements, select one that fits the least and one that fits most.

inputtype: ipsative
answers: ;S;0;;S;1
Textual or numeric input

Using opencharN as inputtype, an input field can be specified for N characters.

Furthermore, opennumN can be used to allow a numeric input of N digits.

By using rankN as inputtype, the subject is requested to provide a ranking with N numbers. E.g. rank3 is used to request a top 3 of choices.

inputtype: openchar30
answers: ;Comment;
inputtype: opennum2
answers: jaar;Age;
inputtype: rank3
answers: ;S;

Switches can be toggled on or off. They can be shown in columns. By prefixing the term enabled they can be toggled to their on-state by default.

inputtype: enabledswitchcolumns

A blurb is a small image accompanied by text. It often combined to a certain condition, e.g. in order to only show it in case a certain scale exceeds a specified threshold.

inputtype: blurbcolumns
picturelink: image3.png